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Close out the Mariner season with Lookout Landing

Where we wring out the very last drop of summer, together.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In 5-10 years if the 2015 Seattle Mariners ever come up in conversation (people always start phrases like this, like some random sports team will come up in the annals of history. Whatever, bear with me.) they will most likely be remembered for the immensely frustrating way they managed to win 76-80 games while having arguably their most talented team in 15 years.

They've been largely a six month source of aggravation and disappointment. But they've also been ours, and we have been theirs. 2015 has been one of the most enjoyable, memorable years of my life. Many of the lasting memories of this year have been at Safeco Field with LL readers and staff. Let's do it one more time. We'll sing, dance, laugh and hang out.

I'm open to ideas for how to organize this or any ways to make it extra memorable for everyone but previously this year the general idea has been "Meet at the 'Pen" which has worked swimmingly. Maybe Nelson Cruz will hit us a home run. Maybe Ketel Marte hits for the cycle. Maybe Franklin Gutierrez hits a walk off. Maybe the Mariners get blown out. I don't care.

Be there.


WHAT: LL get together for friendship and general camaraderie

WHEN: 11:10 AM Sunday, October 4, 2015

WHERE: The 'Pen, Safeco Field

Feel free to use the comments for planning/coordinating/etc. Hope you can make it.

LoMo Seags