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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 031: And We're Back

After extenuating circumstances made the show impossible last week, we're back again. And after the Mariners reeled off three straight wins, their normal heartbreaking ways are as well.

There was a lot to discuss on this week's podcast, so I'll jump right into this week's topics of discussions. Here, among other things, is what we discuss.

  • It's Nelson Cruz Day on LL, so we seized the opportunity to participate.
  • What's the deal with Ketel Marte switching positions?
  • The trade deadline: Ackley shipped off, Lowe traded too and Iwakuma stays put.
  • Dave Dombrowski: what would the Mariners have to do? And do we want him?

For beers, by random chance, Conner and I both happened to have the Citrus Mistress Mistress from Hop Valley Brewing Company out of Eugene. It was a solid IPA. Con described it best, there's the first taste and then it really levels off—it doesn't get super hoppy nor does it have a strong citrus flavor. Really, it's just the essence of the grapefruit peel they mention.


Now, of course, the show: