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M's win a game in the old frontier

Thirty hits is how the West was won.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I have never been to Colorado.  That seems weird because everyone always claims that Denver is like Seattle South minus an ocean and add snow and water rights issues.  The strangest thing is that I've been to almost every single state surrounding Colorado, as well (sorry, Kansas).  What wizard's spell has kept me from it?  Is it my own error, or is there some larger, clandestine plan to keep me from the state where the lark bunting is so well loved?  Today, the Seattle Mariners beat me to Colorado, and I am very jealous.

This was a wonderful game if you like carnivals and eeking out of said carnival with like fifteen tickets left over plus that really giant, stuffed elephant you wanted.  It all started off so, very well.  The top of the first was the dream scenario of the Seattle Mariners playing in Coors Field.  It is pretty rare I'd commit the word "dream" to a sentence containing "Coors" but just you wait.  Ketel Marte started the inning off by getting out, but then, then something fun happened.  Kyle Seager doubled in to center field.  Nelson Cruz would follow with a ground out to third base, but then the magic of Coors field began.  Robinson Cano singled in Kyle, Seth Smith walked, and then Jesus Montero doubled them both in.  A Brad Miller singled to left would knock the score up to 4-0.  Mike Zunino popped out.

Apparently this is the very bad scouting report for how to walk Seth Smith.

Four to nothing with the King yet to take the mound, one would think this game was a breeze and a walk in the park and your dog didn't even smell every single plant while you walked.  Well, bad news, it's the 2015 Seattle Mariners and they are a chocolate lab and sure, it's cute, but hard to train.  Also dog ownership is hard so who can really blame you?  I can. I can blame you.  It took two batters for the Colorado Rockies to score a run in the bottom of the first. 4-1.

The top of the second will be notable for two reasons, and both are home runs.  Kyle dropped a solo shot to right, followed by Nelson Cruz doing the same right after, but to left.  6-1.  It should be noted, too, that this was the fourth game in a row that Cruz has gone yard.  He has been just an absolute revolution this season, and I have night sweats imagining this year without him.  Here is to free agent spending!  The third inning was notable for a similar reason, except this time it was Brad Miller going the opposite way to left field for a solo home run, adding to the score for a 7-1 lead.  Cano would eventually get the M's an 8th run with a 7th inning double off the right field wall.

It was not world-beater Felix tonight, which is something we have maybe had to say a couple too many times this season and I'm scared but I'm scared of all kinds of things.  I'm scared of online shopping for dress shirts, going back to the Smoke Shop in Ballard with Ol' Woodsy, chipmunks that have a taste for mammal meat, and most tropical storms.  Felix, despite adding to my fears, still managed 9 K's in 6 2/3 while allowing 11 hits and 4 earned runs.  He left the game with an 8-4 lead and two outs in the sixth.

And you'd think that all the excitement from this one was sorta done by then.  But then you'd remember you are a human being and thus think all sorts of irrational and erroneous things.  The score held until the bottom of the ninth.  Tom Wilhelmsen was pitching but after allowing a lead-off single, was taken out of the game.  Rob Rasmussen made his debut, and after allowing a single, was also taken out of the game.  In walks Carson Smith, he of many blown saves lately.  Carson promptly struck out DJ LeMahieu which sounds like an accomplishment but this guy had five of those in five plate appearances tonight.  Ben Paulsen then doubled in two runs, 8-6.  A Nick Hundley single then set the score at 8-7 with a runner on first and one down.  Carson Smith, be it carnival magic, or some sort of whale oil poultice he puts on the ball, then got out of the inning by throwing only sliders to the next two batters.  The M's won 8-7.

So head West, young people.  Go see the land where the Mariners have won.  The land of milk and honey where the streets are paved with the gold reserves of San Francisco and the sky is beautiful because you are always about five minutes from a storm.  Out here there are home runs a-plenty, shiny prospects budding, and an outfield so large, you could watch your dog run away from you for hours.  Or you just could watch from home.  Same idea and it's cozier, usually.


  • The Rockies rolled out 18 hits and a BABIP of .600 tonight.
  • Ketel Marte looked very clean in center field and that should excite you.  He did not reach base.
  • Seager, Cruz, and Miller all had three-hit nights.  Cano had two, as well.
  • The Seattle Mariners are six games back of the Wild Card.
  • I know that last one just pissed you off.  Have a beer.
  • Coors Field is funball.
  • Congratulations to Rob Rasmussen for making his Mariners debut.