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61-69: Chart and short recap

Welll ok that was sure a game the Mariners won.

David Banks/Getty Images

The man of the hour: Kyle Seager (.179 WPA)
The one that disappoints: Logan Morrison (-049 WPA)

There's a very limited recap going on tonight and I am sorry. It is below.

  • The Mariners won tonight 7-6 due to the very first inning, where Ketel Marte led off the game with a single and Kyle Seager did this weird thing he never does where he hit a home run not to right field. It was Comiskey Part, which is located on Mars, but it put the Mariners up 2-0 before Chicago ever saw a pitch from Hisashi Iwakuma and that was a rare and welcome head start.
  • The Mariners won this game despite trying very hard to replicate the 2015 established pattern of re-creating the 1998-99 bullpen habit of making every relaxing, laid back affair a two-three alarm fire. The Mariners have a bad bullpen and tonight Tim Timmons did his best to accentuate that fact. Whatever victories this team banks between now and the end of the year will not come without the bullpen doing its very best to  summon the ghosts of Ayala, Mesa, Slocumb, Guardado, Rodney and everybody else. This is how it is, at least until Opening Day 2016. We'll see.
  • Ketel Marte hurt his hamstring. The last three days have seen Jesus Montero hit himself in the Rosaries, Taijuan Walker pull his hip flexor and now Ketel Marte, the most enjoyable and hope-inspiring part of the Mariner roster, pulled his hamstring. The good news is that Kyle Seager has no experience playing Shortstop and thanks to Brad Miller being subbed for Austin Jackson, who should be traded between now and Tuesday, the Mariners went for multiple innings with Kyle Seager, shortstop, and John Hicks, below average minor league catcher, at 3B. I have no idea how this worked. It didn't, really. Neither player was forced to field their position to any great degree. But they were out there, playing major league baseball. This is the bounty awaiting the next general manager's discretion. It is something.
  • Hisashi Iwakuma had to throw under dire circumstances and managed to do so with semi-aplomb despite heavy rain. Iwakuma went 6 2/3, allowing 2 runs with 6 strikeouts and a (possibly) weather related 4 walks. The Mariners are going to have to figure out what 2016's rotation looks like and as of right now it is hard to imagine Iwakuma not being a part of it.
  • Vidal Nuno is starting tomorrow. Coming into this series the Mariners had won 4 games in Chicago this decade. They will have a chance to get to 75% of that with a win tomorrow. I feel like it's a longshot, but that may be the beer and the Seager/Hicks left side of the infield talking. Go get 'em, fellas.