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Fernando Rodney - The B Sides

Fernando Rodney is gone. We put very little effort into our goodbye, because bad meta-commentary is what 2015 Fernando Rodney deserves.

(Ed's note) This post was written August 5th during the Mariners 7-5 extra inning loss to the Colorado Rockies. The Mariners were on their way to winning their 4th straight, and five out of six. It was going to be their strongest stretch of the season and finally, maybe, lead the team towards a run.

It didn't happen. It didn't happen because Fernando Rodney, perhaps more than any other single player, completely collapsed. Because of his blown save that 3 weeks ago we never ran this post, because who wants to see goofy photoshops when you're livid?

Well now Fernando Rodney is gone, traded to the Chicago Cubs for cash considerations. In a just world, we get to experience a thrilling playoff chase and October. Instead it appears Fernando Rodney will get to do that. Life comes at you fast.


Fernando Rodney is a man that few understand -- perhaps even Fernando Rodney himself.

He is a wandering soul, shooting arrows into the sky with a total disregard for where they land. Rodney is a wandering man with a wandering mind. Coors Field is Fernando Rodney's favorite stadium, because he can do things like this mid-game.

That is exactly what you think it is -- Rodney taking a stroll out of the bullpen during the middle of the game. Technically, he didn't exactly leave the bullpen. At Coors Field, the visitors bullpen is nicer than most other bullpens, with its own nice garden to give the calm and quiet space necessary for relievers to prepare for their appearance.

It led me to wonder, where else has Rodney wandered during games. Turns out, with the Internet, it wasn't that hard to find. For example, he was caught at the Lookout Landing's staff favorite bar in Seattle.

Then I found these photos, dated right around when he first was signed with the Mariners -- taking in the sights of the city.

Little did I know that FRE is also a lover of renaissance arts. It isn't very surprising, considering "The Last Supper" is one of the more famous paintings out there. I've never seen it in person, but it seems like he is holding up pretty well despite Da Vinci's experimental painting technique.

And here he is at the game on July 25 against the Blue Jays, watching Fernando Rodney give up a home run.

Stay weird FRE. Despite your propensity for causing ulcers, heartburn and overall discomfort in the eyes of Mariners' fans everywhere, there is not another pitcher like you, and you should take pride in that.