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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 033: The Dog Days

Well, here we are. I had assumed the season would effectively end with some disastrous bang, and even though Boston could still be that, it still feels like it's fading away. But while things are a bit dire, Con and I still had some fun with this week's podcast.

Of course, after excitement last week, we had to discuss the continued GM rumor-mongering, with Dave Dombrowski coming off the board and Kenny Williams and Kevin Towers unfortunately being added to it. We weigh in on Ketel Marte and answer the question of how many players currently on the roster could be part of a Mariners World Series team.


  • Conner had the Hop Juice imperial IPA from Left Coast Brewing, which he gave a Jesus Montero comp.
  • I had the Robust Porter from Ballard's own Reuben's Brews, which warranted a Hisashi Iwakuma comp.


Now, let's do it, the show: