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The 2015 SoftbaLL recap

In which I try to type through blinding pain.

This is the kind of post I am unsure of how to write. For one thing we are stupid and did not do things like take pictures, videos, etc. Also a proper recap is impossible because we had SUCH an amazing turnout for this. People came and went throughout the day but I'm confident the full attendance was greater than 40 people. If you came, thank you so much. I apologize we weren't quite prepared for that many.

As a consequence of having so many folks we ended up splitting into three teams, with one team serving as umpires while the other two would play an inning. This quickly became me standing in the outfield with a beer in hand and trying to distract outfielders from their appointed rounds. I was able to do this to Brendan repeatedly.

Unfortunately towards the end of the game I made a big deal about wanting one fly ball, which one person was kind enough to supply. Only this ball was hit well over my head. Being myself I very much wanted to catch this ball. However age has taken its toll and so I could not. Nonetheless I dove, for there is joy in effort for its own sake. Upon landing I immediately realized that I had done something very bad to my shoulder, which remains at about 15% of functional capacity at this point.

Don't age, kids.

That said it was still, truly, a wonderful time. I am so amazed and grateful at how many showed up, everyone's attitude being very accepting and fun-focused. We had no issues with overly competitive play, despite many opportunities for a Pete Rose/Ray Fosse incident. HUGE thanks for Patrick for organizing the event, reserving the field and supplying water. I have the label as Lookout Landing Dad but truly, if you were dying you would want Patrick at your side. Mainly because he would comfort you on the inevitability of death and how you are facing it bravely.

Primarily I want this post to just be a place for people to share their memories of the day and any stories that stick out. I will get us started:

  • Patrick drew not one, but two walks. They were the only walks drawn on the day.
  • Anders told David Skiba to "fuck off" and waved him to what Anders viewed as a superior defensive position and David meekly complied.
  • Andrew (Drunk Viking) falling on his same wrist at least a half dozen times, always with a PBR in the other hand.
  • Two R's Two L's coming in full baseball regalia, supplying a scoreboard AND catcher gear.
  • Brett Miller slowly disrobing to an uncomfortable degree over the course of the game.
  • Brendan Gawlowski hitting a ball three feet past first and getting a home run, as it takes him 3.4 steps to get from base to base.
  • CornholeThatDog smacking a double and giving everyone the asparagus.
  • Kenner's girlfriend robbing me of a sure triple, a play I still cannot believe happened.
A group of us went to Elliot Bay Brewing afterwards and then Ballard happened and then ok maybe karaoke and look there was some Cranberries, Sublime, Prince, Queen and Styx and while I regret some things those are not among them.

Thank you again LL. You really are fantastic. Let's do it again next year.