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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Episode 032: Sometimes The Bear Eats You

Well, this may be as good as we've ever felt doing a podcast. There was spring training, and then Opening Day—but this, this was something else. Still riding high off an afternoon at Safeco, Conner and I share our experiences at the game.

And really, that's most of the podcast. We get into a couple other things, but found ourselves discussing the no-hitter almost entirely. We also get into our general sentiment as the Mariners now sit six games back of a playoff berth.

Beers? Beers. We're going to try doing this thing where we compare our beer each week to a Mariners player. This week, we had some good ones.

  • Conner went with the Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes, a beer that's one of his favorites. As such, he went with Robinson Cano as the comp.
  • I had Port Townsend Brewery's Scotch Style Ale and damn was it good. Just a great beer for that style. I gave it Seth Smith for a comp.


Now, let's do it, the show: