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Mariners announce Summer revival, recall Jesus Montero (UPDATED)

Engage the Summer of Jesus Tour.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Look look look look this is probably another silly idea that won't lead to anything. Jesus Montero is not drawing a lot of walks or anything in AAA. Mike Curto just today wrote about how he is very much a work in progress. But look. Look. Look.

Montero fat

montero fat 2


Montero skinny

Jesus Montero is hitting .332./.379/.529. in Tacoma, including 5 triples. Now look look look this probably doesn't do anything. Jesus Montero is arguably the greatest black mark on Jack Zduriencik's Sisyphean quest to locate right-handed power. The team has literally no place for him either in a role or in a roster spot. He really can't do anything but stand in the batter's box against a left-handed pitcher, hopefully get something out over the plate and rip it in a way that makes you remember he was once Frank Thomas and Edgar Martinez combined in the eyes of scouts.

But I will never, ever be someone who writes opinion completely devoid of emotion. When Jesus Montero went through, admittedly self-inflicted hell the last two years I was disappointed sure. But I also felt pangs of pity. I was a damn fool when I was the ages that Montero was in 2013 and 2014 and I could so easily identify with someone who just didn't seem to understand the way life worked yet. When I heard this Spring that he was in great shape I was very interested and then BAM those first pictures of svelte Jesus popped up on Twitter and I was hooked. I started tweeting about the Summer of Jesus. I couldn't wait.

When the Mariners traded for Mark Trumbo I figured they had all but determined Montero had to prove his commitment with a full year in Triple A; a punishment for embarrassing them the past two years. But now here we are and look it doesn't make any sense and whatever but I am just exceedingly happy for the guy. I hope he hits 10 dingers his first month back. I hope he gets to rope a key double in the gap in the 8th and comes up Asparagus at the ready. I want him to smile, breathe, look around and know that this time around he earned it every step of the way.

Jesus Montero fell down a dark hole, primarily because he was young and stupid and we all do that sometimes. He paid for it. It almost cost him his career. But here he is, back through hard work and commitment and today, July 9th, 2015 Jesus Montero steps out from Cheney Stadium, and back into the major leagues.

Welcome back Jesus, there's some baseballs what needs baptizing. See to your flock.