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Nelson Cruz named an All-Star, Kuma returns, and ever so much more

Wrapping up the news from a holiday weekend.

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Hello. As you sit on your chair at work you are aimlessly clicking, clicking, clicking. Somewhere out in the vast expanse of the internet lies something of meaning. It will pull you up and out of your post-holiday induced malaise, ignite and inflame your soul. You will step away from your computer, you will ask your boss for that promotion, you will start that novel, you will run that first marathon training run. You have been reminded that the world grants reward and purpose only to those who invest in it and that your daily habit of idle click click click is doing irreperable harm to no one but yourself, and thus to us all. It's just another way we're all in this together.

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Weekend round up of news we would have talked about if we were using a computer instead of blowing things up and/or drinking beer:

  • We actually posted a little something on this yesterday but Lloyd McClendon's sister Angela passed away. McClendon is going to miss the Detroit series and is planning on joining the team for the Angels series. Our deepest condolences to Lloyd and his family in this difficult time.
  • The results are in in The Very Important Thing You Should Care About that is the fan voting for the All-Star Game. The final tally sees Nelson Cruz, who has been good, as the starting DH, having just defeated Kendrys Morales, who is less good and also the worst. Cruz seems whelmed:

    "I guess the Seattle people did the job," Cruz said. "I have to thank the whole organization. The public relations department did a really nice job. And the people from the Dominican [Republic], I know they're always behind me. It's just nice. It's a little special when you get the vote from the fans and they want to see you there."

  • After the game on Friday the Mariners optioned Tom Wilhelmsen, Roenis Elias and Vidal Nuno to Tacoma. With the impending rotation shake up Colin speculated that Elias would be the odd man out and it appears that he was correct. In their place the team recalled James Jones, Mayckol Guaipe, and welcomed Rule 5 pick and Spring Training eye-opener Dave Rollins back from PED suspension. Matt took it as an invitation to make a friend:

    Good job to Matt for making friends.
  • After yesterday's game the team sent poor James Jones back to Tacoma to make room for well Dutton makes it clear:

    Iwakuma was not good at the beginning of this year or the end of last year. He was very good for the 2 years previous to that. Very, very good. If he comes back healthy and whole the team looks to be lining up a very formidable rotation for the 2nd half. Which they'll need because oh god they can't score runs.