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Mariners trade Mark Lowe to Blue Jays

The rejuvenated reliever earns himself a ticket north to the deadline's most active organization.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners don't have a lot to trade today but what's around is getting picked at by the scavengers:

That Mark Lowe, a 32 year old reliever riding a shocking increase in velocity and effectiveness returned 3 players should probably tell you a bit about how the industry views Rob Rasmussen, Nick Wells and Jake Brentz. They shall have their names be added to the ledger and then thrown onto the pile, left to fight for scraps and innings somewhere between Bakersfield and Tacoma.

Still, that's not really criticism of this trade. There's no fault in offloading relievers on a team going nowhere. Mark Lowe is a reliever and this team is most assuredly going nowhere. It was great fun, rare fun, to watch Mark Lowe's career find a new plateau this year. Lowe comes across as a very good guy and someone worth rooting for. His career has been on the brink of extinction for what seems like years. Now, he gets to take a shot at another World Series, this time with the Blue Jays.

Thanks for the fun few months Mark. You made me non-ironically tweet out pictures of 300 masks multiple times. Welcome, new pitchers. Please form an orderly line. The pile isn't going anywhere.