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Join your fellow Lookout Landing readers and authors and play some highly low-stakes softball in North Seattle.

this is the actual field on which softball will be played
this is the actual field on which softball will be played
the city of seattle


  • The current forecast (as of Thursday morning) is that there'll be some scattered showers in the morning, broken up before game time. That, and the thunderstorm the day before, will combine to make some muddy field conditions. We will still play. You might want to bring a towel or some extra clothes for the ride home.
  • If you want to grab a beer or a burger and watch the game beforehand, it sounds like the Collective Will points to The Ram in Northgate, a fine eatery.


  • The place: Meadowbrook Playing Field, NE 105th St & 35th Ave NE
  • The time: 1:00 PM, right around the end of the Mariners game
  • The date: Saturday, August 15
Come join your comrades for a rousing game of bat-and-ball in North Seattle on 8/15/15. We did this last year and it was a huge success, particularly for team 2, who the current author may or may not have been on. (He was.)

I'll supply the bases, if we need them, as well as balls, a really terrible bat, water, not officially beverages other than water, and several vuvuzelas. You supply gloves, cleats if you care, a couple of bucks to cover the reservation fee, and your athletic prowess (optional).

Supply your enthusiasm for attendance in the comments below, so that the other readers realize they are not totally alone in this world.

Hope to see you there.