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Sporcle Friday: Player acquisitions

SPOILER: The Mariners have only ever employed 16 baseball players in their history.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

One of the fun things about the three weeks I've been at this thing has been all the help from members of the community. One of the not fun things has been  the crushing sense of pressure and the knowledge that some day I will stop doing this and if I'm lucky and only if I'm lucky it will be on my terms.

To focus on the former part of that paragraph Aly Edge was nice enough to pitch in with today's Sporcle Quiz. The idea is to figure which GM acquired which player, which time. Unlike many of our previous quizzes this one goes in order and you do not get to just keep trying to guess right answers. If you're wrong you're wrong. This way everyone feels pressure. Many thanks to Aly and MES for their help on these.

Good luck.