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7/24: Open game thread

Felix Hernandez Vs. some dingus who wishes he were as cool as Felix

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

As the season slows and our attention begins to meander away from frustrating baseball to exciting things like men practicing at killing each other or better yet suits telling the men they can't practice killing each other because of balls there are still games that merit attention merely by existing.

Tonight is that night. Felix is pitching. The Blue Jays and their troop of fans from the north have descended upon Safeco. A lot of people get wound up about the Toronto fans but I think they're fine. They are loud and they are dunk but they are Canadian and harmless and actually Canadian as opposed to your friend George the Red Sox fan from Wenatchee.

There will be fireworks. After the game. During the game there will hopefully be very few fireworks as a slugfest is something that Toronto is much better at doing than Seattle. Fortunately with Felix on the hill there is absolutely no way that Justin Smoak hits his revenge dingers tonight. Those will come on Sunday. Both of them.

There is no way that tonight will match the last time Felix pitched against Toronto at Safeco but then that's not a fair scale to judge games. Besides, hey, those clouds outside are looking ominous.

Win, ya bunch a disappointing sequels.

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Game info

  • Blue Jays @ Mariners, 7:10 PST, Safeco Field
  • TV: ROOT, Radio: 710 ESPN, Online: MLBTV

Today's Lineups

Jose Reyes - SS Austin Jackson - CF
Josh Donaldson - 3B Kyle Seager - 3B
Jose Bautista - RF Nelson Cruz - RF
Edwin Encarnacion - DH Robinson Cano - 2B
Justin Smoak - 1B Seth Smith - LF
Dioner Navarro - C Mark Trumbo - DH
Danny Valencia - LF Logan Morrison - 1B
Kevin Pillar - CF Brad Miller - SS
Devon Travis - 2B Mike Zunino - C
Marco Estrada - RHP Felix Hernandez - RHP