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Down with Jesus, up with Happ

The Mariners sent down Jesus Montero after Sunday's game because they need a pitcher for today and J.A. Happ is a pitcher.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Well it would appear that J.A. Happ wasn't sent down to Single A to work on his mechanics after all. After the game yesterday the Mariners announced the following:

This move is very predictable of course. Happ was sent down to make room for Montero purely as a function of the quirkiness of the All-Star Break. Montero actually wasn't too bad in his 13 plate appearances, although my appraisal is partially clouded because he drew 3 walks, which is almost as many as Mark Trumbo has drawn as a Mariner and in 1/10th the playing time. For his part Montero is saying all the things that a child who just spent three weeks with no video games should be saying:

"They gave me an opportunity to be here," he said. "It was fun. I want to keep working hard to get back here. I don’t know when. Maybe tomorrow. But I’m going to continue to do my best to be up here and help them to win."

They say it's easy to admire qualities in others that you yourself do not possess. Jesus Montero seems like a very earnest individual these days. Yesterday I stayed inside with the air conditioner on all day and drank gin. So good job, Jesus. I will keep rooting for you.

J.A. Happ is coming back and J.A. Happ is sure a pitcher and he is even a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, a baseball team of which I am a fan and blogger. Happ will get the start tonight against the Tigers and Alfredo Simonwho has given up 30 runs since the last time Zack Grienke gave up one. I drifted from J.A. Happ to Alfredo Simon in this paragraph because there is very little I have to say about J.A. Happ.