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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 027: Ol' Monty's At It Again

It's always nice doing these after a couple wins. So frequently we find ourselves trying to find the positives in a tough loss, if not a tough couple series, and this week we have the rarity of talking after a nice little stretch.

So, the usual housekeeping.

Topics of conversation on the show:

  • When will we see Justin Ruggiano again?
  • Who had the better career start: James Paxton, Roenis Elias or Mike Montgomery?
  • Recapping the week that was.
  • What happens with the rotation upon Hisashi Iwakuma's return?
  • Monty and Tai are just the best.
  • Zunino's been somewhat interesting lately.
  • This weekend is big.

On with the show. Unless you already have it in iTunes. It's better there. You should subscribe.