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All-Star game thread

Root for your King. Root for your Boomstick.

Nothin' but stars.
Nothin' but stars.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the weather today has been an issue in Cincinnati; the storms have come, the rain has fallen, and the lightning has flashed, but it appears as though the tempest will blow over and the All-Star Game will continue as planned. It's possible that the 4:00 PM PST start time might be pushed back by a bit, but there should still be some baseball to watch tonight. You should all be sure to tune in because, for the 13th year in a row, THIS TIME IT COUNTS.

As you all know, the Mariners have two representatives at this year's tilt. Lloyd will also be sitting in the dugout. (Despite having the second worst record in the AL, the Mariners are fairly well represented.)

On second thought, maybe it might be better to not watch this game? Those hats are pretty rough... In any case, Nelson Cruz will be starting the game batting cleanup for the AL All-Stars. He'll probably get two at-bats before being yanked. Also:

So if you're thinking of only watching part of the game, it's probably in your best interest to watch the first few innings (assuming you're a Mariners fan). Go baseball!

Game info:

  • AL All-Stars @ NL All-Stars, 4:00 PM PST
  • TV: FOX