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40-47: Chart

This is the game that comes after a win.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Chart 7/10

Last night's game: Nelson Cruz (.030 WPA)
Tonight's game: Mike Montgomery (-.333 WPA)

Due to a scheduling snafu and an impending trip out of town for a few days we are not going to have a recap tonight. The Mariners lost because they didn't hit with RISP and the bullpen has a difficult time holding down the middle innings. Mike Trout is basically Gothmog in baseball cleats. CJ Cron took a break from giving noogies on the playground to smack a few dingers. Bill Miller's strike zone was another in a string of pathetically inconsistent attempts to regulate the most important part of the game. Grease 2, Chinese Democracy, etc.

It was a bad game. I'm sorry we do not have more to say about it tonight. This will not be a regular thing. I hope you have had and continue to have a lovely Friday evening.