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Lookout BBQ at Safeco Field, June 6th: Final schedule

Tomorrow, come hang out!

Just a quick update to our event at Safeco Field tomorrow, of which you can find all the information here. Today (Friday) is the LAST DAY to buy tickets -- in fact, they must be purchased before 5pm. So if you were on the fence about whether to go or not, bite the bullet or you'll miss out. Here's the link to buy tickets.

We've got a final schedule, so if you were wondering what time to show up or what the the guests start, take a look below.

The first half will be dedicated to the Q&A panel, and as more and more people start to file in and the ROOT pregame show starts, we'll shift into meet & greet.

4:40: The 'Pen opens

5:10-5:15: Welcome, introductions

5:15-5:40: Baseball Ops panel with assistant GM Jeff Kingston and operations analyst Wes Battle. Q&A with submitted questions, open crowd Q&A at the end.

5:40-6:00: Marketing panel with VP of Marketing Kevin Martinez.

6:00-6:15: Questions for BBQ/LL staff.

6:15 and on: Meet & greet

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I'll be checking this post's comments periodically, so if you have any further questions, I can answer them below, or you can tweet at me @LookoutLanding.