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Twenty-Twos & Tridents comes to Lookout Landing

Episode 26 of the weekly Mariners podcast is here, and we're excited it has a new home.

We're just happy to be here. Hope we can help the ballclub.

Well, we will not be helping the ballclub—not the literal one, certainly, though perhaps the figurative blog ballclub on LL. But I reiterate, we are happy to be here. Yes, the Twenty-Twos & Tridents podcast will appear here on Lookout Landing, and I couldn't be more thrilled—nor more thankful to Nathan for the opportunity.

For those who don't know, Twenty-Twos & Tridents is a weekly podcast discussing the Mariners from myself, Colin O'Keefe, and my brother, Conner O'Keefe. As is the case with everything we do, we just try to have some fun. And along the way, we'll be optimistic and also bring a bit of advanced analysis to what we do.

Absurdly, this is our 26th episode. If you're interested, some housekeeping.

As part of every episode, we have a beer. Thus, the "twenty-two." Quickly, those beers.

So, I should actually get to it, here's that show. We discuss a number of things, among them: the rise of Taijuan Walker, what to make of Mike Montgomery, why Edgar's hiring isn't so bad and expectations on buying and selling as the season progresses.