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Apparently Nelson Cruz dislocated his pelvic bone

He is kind of sort of OK according to Lloyd McClendon.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Nelson Cruz didn't leave the game with a tight right hamstring in last night's loss to the Royals, it was something a bit worse (or maybe better???) than that. Apparently Cruz popped his pelvic bone out of place at some point in the game, according to CBS.

According to Lloyd McClendon, Cruz is feeling OK after they popped the bone back into place and the right fielder/designated hitter will be evaluated day-to-day.

Dustin Ackley came in to pinch hit for Cruz, but the situation of Cruz leaving the field because of injury practically spelled the death of the Mariners -- not just last night, but possibly for the whole season. Although Cruz has been rather terrible in June, with one extra base hit being a home run on June 20, he is still the best hitter on a team that has a miserable offense lately (or has been offensively miserable).

It is still a mighty scare coming from Cruz, however. Although he has been relatively healthy in recent years, the beginning of Cruz's career was peppered with various trips to the DL, often times for leg-related injuries. According to Baseball Reference, Cruz is now 34.357 years old, and with 3.5 years to run on those creaky old legs, any time Cruz sits for anything below the waist is reason to slightly panic.