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Sporcle Friday: Mariner base stealers

Have some fun it's Friday

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The author of this quiz is Munenori's Espresso Stand. His notes are below:


why don't more people try this

With the international readership of Lookout Landing, this may not completely be Sporcle Friday. A truly all-inclusive blog would be more like Sporcle Weekly 18 Hour Window Of A Few Minutes Of Mild Amusement. But I'm trying to pick up where Scott left off with these in an unofficial volunteer capacity, so... if you're feeling neglected by this being a Sporcle Friday, do what every new regime does anyway: blame it on the last guy.

This week's sporcley goodness is about stolen bases. No, not the misguided lure of them. Just a list of Mariners, sorted by thems what actually done swiped 'em a few.

Now if this post was being done by a staff writer, you would probably get some soaring prose presenting scenes from a richly lived life, or the travails of a fictional dysfunctional couple, or just plain ol soul-baring. But rather than tell you about the time I stole some candy, or when I stole a kiss from someone I shouldn't have, or when someone stole my lawn gnome right off my lawn, or when my wife stole my heart... howzabout some basestealing?

The quiz is very slightly contrived, because when I saw a couple of the names on this list I just had to do it this way. The parameters: The top 30 Mariner base stealers, from 1995 to 2015 (through 6/17). The contrivance: The list includes anyone who's played as a Mariner at all, rather than enough plate appearances in a given year to qualify for a batting title. The unrelated side note: my favorite anagram for Mariners Base Stealers is Seaborne Ass Minstrel.

Have fun trying some nicknames for players in order to get matches, in a couple places. Also, note that there's one player on here who has only been caught stealing ONCE.

GOMS, my lovelies.