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Lookout BBQ, a special event on June 6th at Safeco Field with Cespedes Family BBQ

Join us, the minds behind Cespedes Family BBQ, members of the Mariners front office, and other guests on June 6th for a pregame meet and greet and Q&A. There's a free t-shirt and great seats, too.

I'm pleased to announce that our first LL 2.0 event at Safeco Field is happening on June 6th. We're teaming up with Jake and Jordan from Cespedes Family BBQ (you may know them better as the hilarious minds behind @CespedesBBQ on Twitter). Jake and Jordan are coming through town in June, and we've been kicking around doing an event with the Mariners for quite some time. The stars have aligned, and Saturday, June 6th is the day, as the Mariners will face the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Mariners have been awesome in setting this up for us, as they're hosting the ticket sales on Using promo code FUNKBLAST gets you a main level ticket, a free Lookout BBQ t-shirt designed for this event, and access to a pregame meet & greet/Q&A in The 'Pen featuring myself, other Lookout Landing staff, the Cespedes BBQ guys, members of the Mariners front office, and other special guests to be determined. And all of you, of course.

If the rotation stays on schedule, King Felix will be on the mound, which would be a delicious cherry on top. I'm looking forward to a great turnout and quality guests. Besides, what better opportunity to awkwardly hang with a bunch of nerds who like arguing on the internet together?

Here's all the pertinent details as well as the page to buy tickets. Special thanks to the Mariners for making all of this happen. See you in on June 6th.