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Olson, Medina to Triple-A; Taylor Heading to Seattle?

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Following the sweep, the Mariners demoted Tyler Olson and Yoervis Medina to Triple-A Tacoma

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Following today's loss in Houston, the Mariners have demoted Tyler Olson and Yoervis Medina to Triple-A Tacoma. Corresponding roster moves will be announced tomorrow, although Bob Dutton wrote that Chris Taylor and Joe Beimel could be the players recalled.

Olson has looked out of his depth since the spring ended. He walked more hitters than he struck out, and he was ineffective against both lefties and righties. Olson's awkward role might have contributed to his struggles: he's been a starter throughout his career, and he had the dual assignment of working as a long man and as a LOOGY. We'll see if he's back in the bullpen in Tacoma or if organization plans to stretch him out. Given that Tacoma's rotation is desperately short of compelling major league options, it wouldn't surprise me if the M's decide to plug him in Tacoma's starting five sooner rather than later.

While it was only a matter of time for Olson, Medina's demotion comes as more of a surprise. The Venezuelan has spent most of the last two years on the big league roster, and while he's never been the most reliable man out in the bullpen, he's pitched well overall. Lloyd McClendon told assembled media that Medina has been "elevating quite a bit," recently and that he needed to "get some things straightened out" down in Tacoma. The right-hander has walked seven hitters in twelve appearances, including five in his last four innings, a bout of wildness that undoubtedly contributed to the team's decision.

We'll touch on the new arrivals when the organization announces them tomorrow, although it's fair to mention that Taylor was removed from the Rainiers game around the time when the M's announced that Medina and Olson had been optioned to Tacoma.