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Lookout Linkage, 5/3/15

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News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Some other sports stuff happened recently that didn't involve horses and boxers. Let's see what we can find:

  • Carlos Quentin has gotten out of his contract with the Rainiers and has decided to retire.
  • Joe Saunders is also no longer a member of the Rainiers, having opted out of his minor league contract.
  • Carson Smith talks to reporters about the historic streak he's on.
  • Coco Crisp is back on track to return to the A's within the next week.
  • Chris Gigley at The Hardball Times wonders if the Astros can continue their hot streak.
  • Neil Weinberg of Fangraphs plays GM of the Astros and tries to figure out what moves will make the Astros a juggernaut this year.
  • The Brewers appear to be ready to go on a fire sale.
  • The Red Sox have called up top catching prospect Blake Swihart.
  • Homer Bailey will undergo Tommy John surgery.
  • Yasiel Puig will go on a minor league rehab assignment soon.
  • Alex Rodriguez has hit his 660th home run, tying him for fourth all-time.
  • Brian Cashman still appears to be unwilling to pay A-Rod for his performance bonus.
  • Mike Trout almost single-handedly secured a victory for his team over the A's.
  • Jose Fernandez has thrown his first bullpen since his surgery and appears to be on track for a return.
  • Major League Baseball made a change to a rule that nobody really followed anyway.
  • Eno Sarris notices that pitchers are throwing to Brett Lawrie like he has a weakness to breaking balls.
  • Korean star Byung-Ho Park could try his talents out in the MLB next season.
  • Grant Brisbee analyzes the first month of the MLB season.
  • Twins' second baseman Brian Dozier has brought his drum set into the clubhouse.