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5/29: Open game thread

Walker vs. Bauer

Say, Felix, did ya hear?  It's the weekend, old sport!
Say, Felix, did ya hear? It's the weekend, old sport!
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of pregame news tonight, but let's start with the lineups:

Today's Lineups

Jason Kipnis - 2B Austin Jackson - CF
Jose Ramirez - SS Kyle Seager - 3B
Michael Brantley - LF Nelson Cruz - RF
Brandon Moss - 1B Seth Smith - DH
David Murphy - RF Logan Morrison - 1B
Nick Swisher - DH Mike Zunino - C
Lonnie Chisenhall - 3B Brad Miller - SS
Michael Bourn - CF Willie Bloomquist - 2B
Roberto Perez - C Dustin Ackley - LF
Trevor Bauer - RHP Taijuan Walker - RHP

Robinson Cano is likely still out with the flu, and everyone gets a reminder that Willie "Ballgame" Bloomquist is still on the squad as he slots in to second base tonight. Cruz and Smith switch positions from last night as Mike Zunino gets the proverbial pat on the back for his solo homerun last evening and gets moved up to batting six.

A lot of things to consider today as a few moves were made with the pitching staff pregame:

So Biemel won't be available today from the pen, while also:

So James won't be available while he stretches out his middle finger. This may be a more difficult task than you'd imagine as Ol' Pax hails from that frozen, friendly tundra of Ladner, BC. Let's all hope for a speedy recovery because I'll tell you what it's not like we just casually have three major league starters waiting in Tacoma.

Colin also pointed out something that has been weighing on my mind while looking at the next few games coming up:

That is a murderers row. We'll need Robbie Cano.


While we aren't yet sure exactly how this should translate to offensive production, that certainly isn't a bad sign. I'd go out on a limb and even say it is a very good sign.

So please, sit back, mix up a drink, and enjoy the M's on a beautiful Friday night. I recommend a Fluffy Duck.

Here's my recipe: 1.5 oz. gin, 1.5 oz. advocaat, 1 oz. triple sec (or Grand Marnier), 1 oz. fresh squeeze OJ, top with soda water. HELPFUL HINT: to make it a Duffy Fluck (personal twist) sub tequila for gin.

Game Info:

  • Indians vs. Mariners, 7:10 PST
  • TV: ROOT
  • Radio: 710 ESPN
  • Online:

May Taijuan's fastballs love and guide us.

love and goms.