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Lookout Linkage, 5/28/15

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! The M's are .500 now and everything is awesome in Seattle. Here's what's going on in other places of the country where fans might not be as happy:

  • MLB has released an update on the All-Star vote tallies.
  • Jeff Sullivan discusses Robinson Cano's slow start.
  • Chris Mitchell at Fangraphs checks in on first round hitters from last year.
  • Jeff Zimmerman at The Hardball Times analyzes how WAR evaluates defense.
  • Ruben Amaro has some colorful words for fans who don't agree with his moves.
  • Scott Kazmir had to leave in the middle of a start due to left shoulder tightness.
  • The Red Sox have acquired outfielder Carlos Peguero.
  • Amazin' Avenue doesn't think Troy Tulowitzki would fix the Mets.
  • Alex Skillin grades all of the divisions in baseball.
  • The Braves have traded infielder Alberto Callaspo to the Dodgers.
  • The Angels have acquired outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis from the Mets.
  • The Cleveland Indians players have done a cool thing to support their teammate.
  • Good news for fans of great pitching everywhere: Jose Fernandez is ready to face live batters.
  • The coaching drama in Miami continues.