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Lookout Linkage, 5/26/15

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News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Mariners have sent down Danny Farquhar to make room for Austin Jackson.
  • Athletics Nation thinks that speedy outfielder Billy Burns should start for the A's.
  • Ben Zobrist is back in action with the A's after being out for a month.
  • Sean Doolittle is also on his way back.
  • The Mariners might be picking things up now, but the Rangers are right on their heels (now with Josh Hamilton!).
  • Beyond the Box Score takes a look at players who broke out in 2014 and how they're performing this season.
  • Reds' catcher Devin Mesoraco has been shut down with a hip injury.
  • The Giants have designated third baseman Casey McGehee for assignment.
  • Brian Matusz of the Orioles has been suspended for use of a foreign substance.
  • Grant Brisbee outlines some possible reasons for the Padres' rough year so far.
  • The Braves are currently trying to find a new home for Alberto Callaspo.
  • Khris Davis was called out on a home run.