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5/12: Open game thread

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James Paxton Vs. Ian Kennedy

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners start off a brief two game series against the San Diego Padres on a hey-you're-ready-for-Summer-but-it's-not-here-for-2-more-months kind of evening at Safeco Field. Ian Kennedy pitches for the Padres. After a stellar 2011 with Arizona Kennedy spent 2 years just kind of Aaron Sele'ing around before regaining form last year, setting a career high K rate and career low FIP.

So far in 2015 Kennedy hasn't been the pitcher he was last year. The strikeouts are down over 20% and the home run rate has almost tripled. This would be a nice time to see the team hit some home runs, preferably with men on base, as those actually account for multiple runs. At the same time! What a world.

The team is rolling out this homestand's "normal" lineup with Brad Miller at "DH" and Nelson Cruz at "RF". I was watching MLB Network this morning and they were discussing Alex Rodriguez leading all designated hitters in basically every category. "Wait" I said, "The Mariners have Nelson Cruz and he is superior to A-Rod in practically every category." Then I remembered that being a designated hitter is a position, not a skillset. Then I wept.

Speaking of weeping!

Ohohohohoho that's not good. Let's hope it stays right there, at not good. I would hate to see it get all the way to terrible. Or, heaven forbid, catastrophic.

Big ol' Canadian love bear James Paxton goes for the Mariners tonight. With the Iwakuma news the pressure on the Mariners remaining starters increases. Go get 'em, Dadgut.

Game Info

  • Padres @ Mariners: 7:10 PST, Safeco Field
  • TV: ROOT, Radio: 710ESPN, Online: MLBTV

Today's Lineups

Wil Myers - 1B Seth Smith - LF
Derek Norris - C Brad Miller - DH
Matt Kemp - RF Robinson Cano - 2B
Justin Upton - LF Nelson Cruz - RF
Yangervis Solarte - DH Kyle Seager - 3B
Jedd Gyorko - 2B Logan Morrison - 1B
Abraham Almonte - CF Dustin Ackley - CF
Will Middlebrooks - 3B Mike Zunino - C
Clint Barmes - SS Chris Taylor - SS
Ian Kennedy - RHP James Paxton - LHP