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5/10: Open game thread

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Felix Hernandez vs Jesse Chavez

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Felix Day!

I bet I know what you're thinking right now. Felix Day! My favorite day of the week! Five more strikeouts until 2,000! Looking to go 6-0! The only thing that could make any of this better is the song, which I will scroll down and click on to

NOPE. NOT TODAY. Take this hour to call your mom, for crying out loud. You've heard that song thousands of times, and your poor mom is just sitting by the phone waiting for someone to talk to her. And nooooo, instead you want to listen to a 240p rip of a Leslie Gore song that isn't going anywhere because it's hosted on YouTube in perpetuity. Don't have a mom to call? Plenty of ladies in your life. Give em a ring. Felix would be so disappointed in you.

The good news is that Felix has given us very little to be disappointed in this season. Today he'll be wearing one of those new Sunday alts for the first time, has a non-zero chance of throwing his 2,000th strikeout this afternoon, and will do it all against his favorite team to beat up on in the entire league. Pink bats never looked as good flying through the air.

In other news, the BraDH Miller experiment gets a day with Brad taking short after Chris Taylor was stepped on last night. Rickie Weeks is filling the second slot in the lineup, and with poor Mike Zunino probably inching towards 70-year-old knees with every day, Lloyd is throwing Jesus Sucre out behind the dish. Hey, it's not John Buck.

Here's to the sweep, and who else would you rather have on the mound to get it?


Game info

Today's Lineups

Billy Burns - CF Seth Smith - LF
Marcus Semien - SS Rickie Weeks - DH
Josh Reddick - RF Robinson Cano - 2B
Billy Butler - DH Nelson Cruz - RF
Stephen Vogt - C Kyle Seager - 3B
Ike Davis - 1B Logan Morrison - 1B
Brett Lawrie - 3B Dustin Ackley - CF
Sam Fuld - LF Brad Miller - SS
Eric Sogard - 2B Jesus Sucre - C
Jesse Chavez - RHP Felix Hernandez - RHP