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Carlos Quentin retires

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A Tacoma Rainier for just over a week, Carlos Quentin has decided not to continue his comeback attempt.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

That was fast. After just five forgettable games with the Tacoma Rainiers in which Carlos Quentin compiled a .498 OPS, he's decided to quit baseball entirely and file for retirement. This news comes just nine days after he signed a minor league deal with the Mariners, and we provided our spin on the transaction then -- low risk, nice depth, good upside.

Instead, at just 32, Quentin ends a productive career that was derailed by injuries over the last three to four years. He'll now forever be a piece of M's trivia. Rickie Weeks can breathe a little easier, as he looked like he'd be the primary candidate to lose his job to Quentin if he continued to struggle and Quentin crushed AAA.

It's never great to see a player retire this early in his career, but Quentin's fall from excellent hitter to hobbled, unproductive hitter happened very quickly.

Quentin will still get every dime of the $8 million salary the Braves owe him this year, according to Ken Rosenthal. It'll cap a career in which Quentin earned over $50 million. Not a bad career for a guy who's done working at age 32.