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1-1: Chart

Mariners lose a game that David Freese decides to win.

This was the only time anyone scored.
This was the only time anyone scored.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Simon's "Kodachrome": Tom Wilhelmsen (.022 WPA)

The "Tarzan" Soundtrack: Logan Morrison (-.100 WPA)

The second game of 2015 and we all just were reminded of that wonderful fact of there being 160 more of these.  The Mariners lost a game wherein all players involved were most certainly a part in a handshake deal to get in and off the field as quick as possible.  Mike Trout struck out.

Fangraphs is being slow to upload the final game chart here, however, I assure, the line keeps in its final, ultimate, tragic trend towards the bottom.


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