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1-0: Chart

Felix notches 10 K's as the new-look Mariners do good baseball things against the Los Angeles Angels.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Shirtless chiseled sexy firefighter who also volunteers at the Humane Society on weekends: Seth Smith (.264 WPA)

The guy from the Vern Fonk commercials: Nelson Cruz (-.068 WPA)

First game of 2015 in the books, and boy was it a game. This one had just about everything, from stupid Mike Trout hitting a stupid home run to not stupid Felix striking out stupid Mike Trout, and also Seth Smith may be going to Cooperstown, as early as next week. You heard it here first, folks.


So we've been doing the three-question format thing here for the past couple of years, but it just may have run its course by now. What would you all like out of our charts to keep a good conversation going while the recap is written?