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Mariners 2015 predictions: A survey

Some questions for you to ponder...

Think, think, think.
Think, think, think.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The survey is closed! I'll put together the results and throw up a post sometime tomorrow.

Howdy, folks. In case you were unaware, Mariners baseball starts TOMORROW. Finally! Just in time for the start of the regular season, I've put together a short "2015 Mariners predictions!!!" survey for you to answer. This will allow us to see how proficient we are, as a community, at forecasting a few things about the Mariners this year.

I've also asked a few other Lookout Landing authors to participate in this survey. Our answers are at the bottom. This page will preserve some of our pre-season misconceptions/prophetic visions, allowing all of you fine people to praise/heckle us accordingly as the season progresses.

Here we go!

(I admit that I made this before Brad cut his hair. But maybe he'll go on an amazing run and let it grow back out! Only time will tell...)

- - -

Andrew's answers: 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A, 6-D, 7-C, 8-A, 9-C, 10-A (make it happen, Brad)

Matt's answers: 1-B, 2-B, 3-C, 4-B, 5-A, 6-B, 7-B, 8-A, 9-C, 10-D (except they are my tears)

David's answers: 1-C, 2-C, 3-D, 4-C, 5-B, 6-C, 7-D, 8-A, 9-D, 10-B (dude looks good with a chop, what can I say)

Anders' answers: 1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-A, 5-D, 6-C, 7-C, 8-B, 9-D, 10-B (however fast his hair follicles can work)