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4/3: Open Game Thread

J.A. Happ Vs. Jordan Lyles

This was on the photo stream so I used it.
This was on the photo stream so I used it.
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This has happened. Apologies to all participants in AL West bullpen only fantasy drafts that score Holds.

I have always loved dress rehearsals. You get costumes and sets. Usually the orchestra is there giving the music a fullness and vitality that had been missing. All the hard work and building and going over lines ad neaseum falls behind the wayside and the joy of performance starts to become possible. Yes it's not quite the same because Domingo sent the understudy out there because it's Friday night and I'm sorry Domingo has had these reservations for months and is not going to cancel. But still, the understudy is fine. A few mistakes might happen and it is likely most of the opening cast will clear out after intermission. But every good has some bad and this night's mostly good.  There's even a few people in the audience, ready to applaud.

Relax and enjoy it. This is the best thing next to the real thing, and that is right around the corner.

Game info:

  • Seattle Mariners Vs. Colorado Rockies, Peoria Stadium, 7:05 PST
  • Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB.COM
Three. Days.