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Sporcle Friday: Rookie starting pitchers

22 pitchers have started 15 or more games for the Mariners as a rookie. Can you name them?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Across Seattle Mariners history, there have been some remarkable debuts on the mound. While Felix Hernandez's ripping debut a whopping 11 seasons ago isn't on this list, some other great seasons are -- some obscure, some obvious. Today's Sporcle quiz asks you to name all of the Mariner pitchers who logged at least 15 starts as a rookie for the Mariners.

There's 22 of them, and the thing not to get too tripped up on is age. Remember, these aren't necessarily pitchers who made their MLB debut with the Mariners, just ones that had a rookie season campaign with them, according to the official rookie eligibility rules. That one in 2010? Hard.

Best of luck, and as always, feel free to discuss your responses below. If you venture down into the comments before you've finished the quiz, that's your own damn fault. Happy Friday, baseball is back.