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Lookout Landing Spring Training viewing party at Gastropod on March 22nd

Come watch the Mariners, meet some internet strangers, and drink day beers. Or soda.

yes this is scott podsednik getting a beer in the face
yes this is scott podsednik getting a beer in the face
Robert Laberge/Getty Images

It's time to get together again, in-person. If this has terrified you, keep reading! I promise it's a good time. For those of you who did (or didn't) attend last year, Cody (sea-townie) graciously opened up his SoDo brewpub and eatery Gastropod to our community last year, where we drank delicious and unique beer along with amazing food. It was a blast getting to meet a bunch of you face-to-face, so much so that we're going to do it again.

We're headed back to Gastropod for an afternoon game, this time aiming for a weekend instead of a weeknight. No RSVP is needed, just show up if you want to join. The Mariners are playing the Rangers at 1:05, and Cody is opening up his doors early. Here's everything you need to know.

Date: Sunday, March 22nd

Time: Doors at 11:00 AM, game starts at 1:05 PM

LocationGastropod3201 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA.

Food: Potluck style/bring your own. Cody will be grilling up some wings and cooking bread, and has plenty of plates and utensils.

Drink: Beer is available for $4 a glass, and wine and cider is also available for purchase. Cody has also graciously allowed you to bring your own drinks if you don't like his amazing Epic Ales or if you're into wine coolers or early afternoon scotch. Or, you can bring soda or juice or kombucha because:

Ages: This is an all-ages event! Last year we had to separate some of the group because not all were allowed in the bar, and that won't be the case this year. Come one, come all.

Parking: Parking in SoDo on a Sunday is a breeze. There is plenty of street parking, a lot to the north of Gastropod, and parking at Dick's Restaurant Supply.

Got any questions? Leave them in the comments below and watch for answers from sea-townie -- that's Cody. Looking forward to seeing you all in two weeks!