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3/6: Open game thread

Erasmo, Gutierrez, and Bloomquist.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today marks the first non-ROOT televised game of the year, which sucks and makes me realize what an awesome luxury it has been to have so many games televised this spring. But you'll be able to watch the game if you have, and the Mariners website claims it is on MLB Network later, though their schedule suggests it is not.

Either way, there are are a few key debuts today, as you can see in the lineups below. It'll be the first test for Franklin Gutierrez, who hasn't played in a major league game in over a year. In fact, Gutierrez has only appeared in 14 games since 2012, which is bonkers. You know how everyone says just don't get hurt in spring training? That's especially true for Gutierrez. It isn't even about him contributing at this point as much as it is turning his life around. I hope he crushes a bomb today, it would be quintessential Guti.

Willie Bloomquist is also back, which pretty much ends all the speculation (and hope) that he might start the season on the disabled list. While they may be "taking it slow," if he's healthy enough to start a game a full month before opening day, he's likely to make this team unless they cut him. This will be interesting to watch, especially his mobility on that reconstructed knee.

"I hope two pitchers get hurt" Erasmo Ramirez is on the mound, kicking off his weirdly probable lame duck spring training campaign. The better he does, the better return the Mariners get, in theory, probably not. You can see the other pitchers scheduled to possibly appear today as well, including the return of Mark Lowe.

Game Info

  • Seattle Mariners @ L.A. Dodgers 12:05 PM PST
  • TV:
  • Radio: 710 ESPN