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Victor Sanchez dead at 20

The Mariners' pitching prospect passed away after a six week coma.

Seattle Mariners

There is nothing to say here that won't be pithy and trite. I knew of Victor Sanchez only in name and even then only in the vague, makes my heart skip a beat thinking about a future version of my baseball team kind of way. He was 20. Barely 20. The Mariners statement:

Expressions of grief are also pouring in from across all levels of the organization:

It's not surprising that shortly after Sanchez' accident Larry Stone of the Seattle Times put together an excellent article on Sanchez. The glowing reports on the kid are heartbreaking, given tonight's news:

"He didn’t say much; he was really a quiet, reserved kid, but he was really, really smart,’’ Menchaca added. "He was advanced for his age in every aspect. Especially away from the field, in his personal life. It seems like he had a good direction. He had an idea of what he was trying to do with his life and where he wanted to go."

My heart goes out to Sanchez' family. What meaningless thoughts from a person they've never known and most likely never will. A life is much more than what we see and now his is gone, and far too soon.

On July 17, 2013 18 year old Victor Sanchez threw a no-hitter for the Clinton LumberKings. His mother was in the stands, her first time watching him pitch as a professional.

RIP young man.