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3/27: Open Game Thread

James Paxton faces off against Instagram Model and Justin Bieber Girlfriend Yordano Ventura.

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! This is your game thread for today. Dadgut is facing off against Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Is this the day Kyle Seager cements himself as the leading candidate for third base? Who the hell is Rayder? Why does Tyler Smith get the start over Robinson Cano, and could this have anything to do with Cano's bathroom troubles we all know nothing about since I made it up?

One of the the more personally interesting storylines of the 2015 spring training season is whether or not Dustin Ackley will hit in actual games that matter. It is my belief that no, no he will not. But then again there are many that think yes, yes he will. There are some that even think maybe, maybe he will or he won't. There are some that do not repeat a word twice in a row. Those people are freaks of nature.

The gamethread is late today because paying taxes is the worst. You can stone me for my sins. Speaking of stoning, Kendrys Morales is facing off against the Mariners today on The Kansas City Disaster Mariners, and one wonders how much he has left in the tank. Is this the year that Kendrys finally hangs up the cleats? Let's talk about it below.

How to Gamethread by CapSea:

As many a regular will tell you, gamethreads are not just opportunities to narrate the game or talk about the game. Gamethreads are your opportunity to talk to your buddies as if you're all in one enormous room with a TV talking about whatever floats your boat. Talking about the game is great. But you don't have to limit yourself to what happened. Gamethreads aren't recaps. Gamethreads are a place to:

  • Chat about something funny you saw in the stands, like an albino gorilla.
  • Make interesting observations or mention a statistical anomaly.
  • Talk about Thai food, or have an amusing back and forth involving the merits of wordplay.
Gamethreads are basically off topic threads, and in off topic threads, you can talk about whatever you want as long as you're starting a conversation. You can yell at awesomeness, but you can also be real - when you sit with your buddies and have fun, do you scream after each strike? Probably not, so you don't have to do that here. Or you can! I don't really care! But feel free and also chat about things that are of interest to you and good lord have fun. Gamethreads about the game are only fun when they win. Gamethreads about whatever you want are fun all the time.