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3/26: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez Vs. Jeremy Guthrie

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After lamenting the loss of Spring enthusiasm in yesterday's game thread the Mariners spent last night showing me why my feelings are wrong and stupid and I should feel bad about them. 6 lights out innings from a 22 year old prospect, an opposite field home run from a 24 year old catcher and a scorched double in the gap from the team's financial cornerstone is a hard thing to ignore. Particularly when accompanied by a nice glass of Laphroig Triple Wood.

Now with the quick turnaround the team plays two games, one in Peoria and one in Maryvale. Want a good sign of the progress of the franchise? Take a look at these two lineups:

The Mariners can split up the roster in late March and send out largely interesting lineups to two games at the same time. This is two more than the usual. I still don't really get how this all happened.

Want another reason to be excited? The Peoria game is on ROOT and features not only Felix but a start in right field for Alex Jackson. I will now add these gifs and encourage you to read entirely too much into them:

Alex Jackson Swing

Miggy Swing

Not sayin' just sayin' y'know?


Game info

  • Mariners Vs. Royals, 1:05 PST, Peoria Stadium
  • TV: ROOT, MLB Network (Delay) Radio: 710 ESPN (Delay), Online:
Game info
  • Mariners Vs. Brewers, 1:05 PST, Maryvale Stadium
  • TV: Nope, Radio: Nope, Online: