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Effectively Wild Mariners Preview with Patrick Dubuque

Our resident bunt expert lays down bricks on the road of knowledge.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We consider Sam Miller and Ben Lindbergh's Effectively Wild Podcast an indispensable part of the baseball season. Diligently researched, thoughtful, diverse and short enough to ingest during your morning commute it is a credit to the already highly credible B-Pro.

We similarly consider Patrick Dubuque irreplaceable. He is the site's Svengali of sac bunts, our Joe Lunardi of the Baseball Card Tournament, go to source for depressing Raul Ibanez fan fic and official Lookout Landing Professor of Letters.

Now the two have combined as Patrick was on the EW show as a part of their season preview. In addition to Patrick there is an interview with the always worthwhile Mike Curto from the Rainiers. We are less than two weeks from distraction-strength baseball. It's lovely, it's informative, it's less than a half an hour long. Whatever you had planned for the morning is inferior to experiencing it so give it a listen: