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2/23: Open game thread

Back to the grind.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well yesterday it was an all-October first-team superstar friendly-face plus-WAR lineup down in Peoria, and today we get a game with Endy Chavez and a person whose number is listed only as "Xx." Gotta love spring.

We don't only have reasons to pout, however, despite the fact that the game isn't going to be on television and your only way to follow along will be online. Rickie Weeks is going to see some action today, and joining him in only their ninth game of the spring will be Seth Smith. Erasmo is on the mound for what could be one of his last starts in a Mariners uniform, although Ryan Divish seems to think the Mariners will wait until the very last minute to let him go in an attempt to sneak him through the waiver wire. Should be a fun day for the guy, considering he'll be facing Mike Trout and Albert Pujols for good measure.

In other news, Iwakuma is going to get some simultaneous work in over at Round Rock against the Rangers' AAA team, and word on the street is that Sucre should be back to form by gametime tomorrow. We've got two more weeks of this, so, uh...let's make the most of it? Or something?

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