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3/21: Open game thread

Happy Felix Day!

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Well today was supposed to be a sort of preview of Game One of the World Series, with our very own Felix Hernandez facing off against the Cubs' new $155 million dollar man, Jon Lester. Lester, however, was pulled from today's start with what the Cubs are calling a "dead arm period," which I guess is different from a serious dead arm, and hopefully different from a period too, and now this is just getting weird. He's expected to be fine, though, so we'll just have to wait until October to see this matchup actually take shape.

Of course, the good news is that it's still Felix Day! You'll get your song when it matters. What you'll get instead is some Willie Ballgame DHing in the eight hole, as well as some Nelson Cruz out in right field. The rest of the lineup--with a little shuffling to even out handedness here and there--is consistent with what you should expect to see when these things actually start to count.

Until then, settle in and hope for another Zunibomb, or something from Nelson Cruz. Or heck, let's even hope Kris Bryant does something crazy today, because poor Cubs fans probably won't be able to see him again until late April or May.


Game info

  • Mariners "@" Cubs, 1:05 PM PST
  • No TV, Radio: 710 ESPN,
  • Lineups:
  • Kyle Seager has been scratched from the lineup as of 11 am, with no information given as to the reason. Carlos Rivero will start in his place.