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Lookout Landing is hiring

Ever wanted to write for us? Now's your chance.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We're fortunate to have an immensely talented staff here at Lookout Landing. Some of our writers have come from applications, others have come from making insightful comments, and there's even been hires from guys who have written some killer Fanposts. If you want to get noticed, that's a good place to start!

As the regular season nears closer, we are looking for help in several areas. Take a peek at some job descriptions and see if anything is up your alley.


  • Responsible for covering Mariner games for Lookout Landing
  • Posting the game thread one hour before first pitch
  • Posting the chart (example) quickly after game's conclusion
  • Posting a full recap of the game, providing insight that goes beyond the box score, supplementing with highlights, pitch F/X screenshots, etc. This is a good example from Matt.
  • Applicants will be prioritized for their availability for 7:00 pm PST games, especially on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
News items
  • Will collaborate with staff to cover breaking news
  • Flexible work schedule, will often occur in the middle of a typical 9-5 work day
  • Post news in a timely manner
  • Here is an example of a quick news item, reacting to a rumor. This is an example of an official news post after all details are known.
Social media maven
  • Hang out on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and create quick Fanshots that will tweet from the Lookout Landing account and be featured in the "Against the Shift" section you may have noticed has appeared below the main five stories
  • Creative, witty minds with the ability to write clever headlines and tweets
  • Flexibility to post throughout the normal work day
Willie Bloomquist but good
  • Do any of the above, plus write a variety of other pieces, including series previews, transaction/injury spin, or sabermetric-slanted analysis. All of the stuff we write about here that doesn't fit into any of the above buckets.
If you are interested, send an email to with the following:
  • Position(s) you are interested in
  • Availability
  • A little bit about yourself and why you are interested in contributing
  • Writing examples
We will review applications as a staff and follow up as appropriate. There are no educational or age requirements for any of these positions -- we are simply looking for quality writers with unique voices. The only requirements are to be reliable, passionate, and hungry. If you've applied before, please reference it in your email. Go team and go 2015.