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Mariners Spring Training news roundup

Or: "Robinson Cano does not report early to camp."

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
  • While many position players elect to show up to Spring Training early today marked the official Report Day for all the non-pitchers and catchers. As usual Lloyd had a few thoughts: 

Cano was in fact able to remind himself to avoid the festering swamp lands of Florida to report. He looks svelte:

Cano confirmed that he was down "about 14 pounds" from his weight at this time last year. He indicated that he had carried extra weight typically as the Summer heat of New York led to him losing weight over the Summer. Robinson Cano: Just another dude who figured out that Seattle's the best place in America.

  • Sticking with Cano he offered this headline making although largely meaningless quote: 

I'm sure it has happened but I do not remember any time in the past where a Mariner could say something so bold so casually and have the general response be anything other than wild, mocking laughter. This is the first time since probably 2003 that the Mariners, the media and the analytical community all agree that the team should be pretty good. That's going to take some getting used to.

  • As you no doubt know the Mariners basically own social media on all platforms. If you don't know that and have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, hell I bet they're even on Tinder, you need to give them a follow. Today we got this:

Now the easy joke is that doesn't look like slo-mo and I will make it because I am lazy and because holy god Hisashi Iwakuma works slow sometimes. But it is also a really cool look at the complex series of pivots, tensions, springs, and various others physiological mechanisms required to throw like a major league pitcher. I have no idea how they do it once, let alone hundreds of thousands of times.

  • Lastly, not to be out done by Marshawn Lynch launching his movie trailer, Fernando Rodney released the first promo poster for his new, baseball-centric play on Get Smart. Fernando will, of course, play the high-level international agent of espionage "Albert Intelligencio". Look for it in theaters. Go, look for it now.