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Seattle Mariners: Beard quiz extravaganza!

Can you identify some of your favorite Mariners from the past few seasons based solely on their facial hair? Let's find out!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Spring Training is here! And the whole of Mariners fandom seems to be rejoicing and revelling in the return of baseball. People are getting so excited about crappy cell phone pictures of green grass, blue sky, red dirt, and some somewhat-less-blobby-than-anticipated pictures of Jesus Montero. It's great! The optimism is palpable. In an attempt to continue this wave of good humor, I've put together a very important quiz. You will find this quiz to be particularly appealing if you're a fan of beards. Or shoddy Photoshop work.

The following will finally give you the opportunity to prove your ability to properly identify the burly bristles of Seattle baseballers. Hopefully some of y'all find this enjoyable and no one is terribly pognophobic. If nothing else, taking this quiz should at the very least occupy a few minutes of your time, thereby making Opening Day and/or whatever else it is in this world that you're currently looking forward to get here that much more quickly.

A lot of these seem like they might be difficult. But a few of them are probably fairly easy. Before you start, here are a few hints to aid you:

  • All of these beards belong to men who've played for the Mariners over the past three seasons (2012-2014).
  • Seven of these beards belong to members of the 2014 Mariners.
  • Five of these beards belong to pitchers and five of these beards belong to batters.

There are links to the answers at the bottom. Good luck!

- - -

Beard #1

Beard #2

Beard $3

Beard #4

Beard #5

Beard #6

Beard #7

Beard #8

Beard #9

Beard #10

- - -


If you feel like it, let me know how you did in the comments. Also, if you found any of these beards to be particularly pleasing (or displeasing) feel free to share. Personally, I enjoy beards #2 and 10 the most.

Go M's!