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Mariners prospect Victor Sanchez still unconscious in Venezuela after accident

Victor Sanchez remains unconscious after a horrific boating accident in Venezuela.

As you've surely seen by now, 20-year-old Mariners pitching prospect Victor Sanchez was severely injured in a boating accident in Venezuela this weekend, struck by a boat propeller while he was swimming. News on his injury has been scattered and vague, as we've only know that a) this is really serious and b) he has been between critical and stable condition.

It's hard to find more information on this, given that it often comes from Venezuelan news outlets, and relying on translations when dealing with somebody's life isn't a good idea. We've been left guessing, hoping, and trying not to assume the worst.

Larry Stone from The Seattle Times has managed to track down all the details that have been hard to come by, and they're devastating. Sanchez is still unconscious and in critical condition after a double head fracture and a brain hematoma. He's already had surgery on his skull and requires a breathing tube and ventilator. Still, there's some positive signs for his life -- though still unconscious, he's moved his extremities and an report states that the swelling is reducing in his head and neck.

The next steps for Sanchez are unclear, as doctors will keep monitoring his progress. He might require more surgery, and could be transferred to the US.

It's an impossible situation. One can't even think about whether or not Sanchez will ever pitch again, as the latest reports make it pretty clear that he's fighting for his life, not his career. This sobering quote Stone gathered from Jack Zduriencik says a lot:

We thought for sure he was going to be a major-league pitcher,'' Zduriencik said, and paused. "And we still think he will be."

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Sanchez's family -- whether by blood, team, or the fans that have closely followed his career.