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Mariners acquire RHP Evan Scribner from A's for RHP Trey Cochran-Gill

You didn't actually think we were going a full day without one did you?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

First things first: In his (excellent) discussion of yesterday's Wade Miley/Jonathan Aro acquisitions Marc Weber of Ye Ol' USS Mariner made the following comparison:

Okay, we know who Aro *isn’t* and *won’t* be, but who does he remind you of? Vertical movement of 5″ on a slider is actually pretty rare, so we can narrow things down quickly. There’s one pitcher who throws a fastball with very similar movement and a slider that’s almost a dead ringer to Aro’s. Meet Athletics bullpen stalwart Evan Scribner.

You should read the whole thing, as it's all very much up to Marc's typical standard i.e. it will casually drop baseball knowledge on your head and crush you to death with its immense amount of smartness. Go ahead, and then come back.

Ok great welcome back. So Evan Scribner's scouting profile looks something like this:

Curveball - 55
Fastball - 45
Slider - 50
WTF - 80

Among the most foundational tenants of effective pitching is the ability to generate strikeouts and avoid walks. I'm here to tell you my friends Evan Scribner is amazing at this! Not only did he manage to strike out 64 batters in only 60 innings pitched he limited his walks to 4. Four walks! All year! That is 2005 Carlos Silver-esque walk avoidance right there. A 64/4 K/BB ratio fits the profile of a dominant, upper echelon reliever. Yet Scribner was had for Trey Cochran-Gill, a reliever who had issues in AA. Why? Welllllllllllll............

Vasquez Zone

See the thing is that in 2015 Evan Scribner gave up 14 home runs, the most of any relief pitcher in baseball. No walks, lots of dingers, even more strikeouts. So we basically traded for the pitching equivalent of.............Mark Trumbo? I don't know. Noted A's fan/labor attorney/avocado enthusiast Jason Wojciechowski weighed in a bit on Twitter:

So take all that what it's worth. I feel like all of these Dipoto acquisition write ups are becoming like the verses to the Herman's Hermits song "Henry the 8th"; this is a buy low acquisition of a player that has potential promise, if the things that have kept his productivity low can be fixed. Scribner's strikeout/walk rates are elite, but with a gigantic home run problem it's hard to see him being much more than a back end reliever without substantial improvement in that area.

Of course there is plenty of room in the back end of the Mariners bullpen because well, we already did yesterday yesterday, no need to do it today. Just cross your legs, close your eyes, and hum "I will not overly evaluate single moves in an isolated context, I will not overly evaluate single moves in an isolated context..."

Or you can just drink. I'm going to do one of those two things. To tomorrow's trade!