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POLL: Tell us how you're feeling about the 2016 Seattle Mariners

A mid-offseason heat check on Jerry Dipoto.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Winter Meetings now drawing their curtain back to let us gawk and laugh at the wheelings and dealings concocted around and through many alcoholic beverages we would normally be on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the debut of Jerry Dipoto's first offseason. But the thing is Dipoto has already had an offseason. Hell he's had multiple offseasons. In one of the more unique offseasons in team history Dipoto has made more than a dozen moves before the traditional starter's pistol.

Perhaps partially due to this high level of activity it feels like we've gotten a good chance to get to know Jerry Dipoto in a rather short period of time. We've seen him make trades, sign FA, part with long-loved players, etc. We've had moves we've loved, moves that have whelmed, and moves like today that sent people scurrying for hatches and bridge ledges in equal measure.

Through it all where is it headed, in your opinion? Although I think Jerry Dipoto and his staff have made many moves that are about much more than 2016 we all are tired of losing, and living only for today and tomorrow. So that's going to be my focus. Please vote in the poll, and consider adding a reason for your vote. Please try to avoid cliche and unoriginal/boring thoughtlines such as "They suck cuz Mariners". If you think the team will be bad that's perfectly fine, but please be ready to support that claim on a level beyond the emotional.

Remember, this is for science.